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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Welcome to Phonesavers UK - for Business Mobile Phones

Mobile phones, contracts, Blackberry and data services, internet services and hosting, email and landlines are all some of the most important business communication tools in business today.
And if you have trouble with any of those services then your business will undoubtedly suffer badly as a result - or worse - you could be paying many tens of thousands of pounds more than you need to be right out of your companies bottom line and you are not even aware of the savings that can be made.
And the networks and mobile cellphone dealers will let you - all day - every day.

That's where Phonesavers comes in...

Phonesavers services

We know what it's like to get bad service where any of the above is concerned... you can tear your hair out and nothing gets fixed or resolved and your business is the one carrying the costs.

Our service and support

More important than anything else we do we take care of our business customers - they depend on it. In these days where many suppliers cut corners, often the service is the first thing to be dropped and in the world of mobile phones and other related products you cannot afford to get bad service.

Right from the first time we speak with you we allocate a Phonesavers specialist who is involved in the area of business that you are interested in from us. NOTHING is too much trouble.

And that support and service continues as long as our companies have a relationship.
It's the best service and support you can get. Period.

Phonesavers mobile and landline bill analysis

Phonesavers really can save you a fortune in many instances where your mobile phone or landline bill is concerned. Check out the mobile bill analysis section from the menu on the left to find out exactly how we can save your business money and help to increase your companies bottom line.

Phonesavers blackberry phones

We support ALL Blackberry solutions with expert engineers and skilled Blackberry trained staff on hand to help at any time. And if you are looking for Blackberry phones and servers with maybe integration in to Microsoft Exchange server or Windows SBS servers we can help. We are an authorised Microsoft dealer too.

Phonesavers mobile contracts

Phonesavers is much more than just a mobile phone dealer. We can of course help with every aspect of your mobile phone contracts and supply as necessary. But we can also help where things have gone wrong with other dealers - we can even act as an expert witness on your behalf if you need help.

Phonesavers wireless dongles

We supply all types of mobile internet dongles on many different tariffs so it's likely that we have the solution for you. Our specialists will review your requirements and advise accordingly for the 'best fit' for your business. Check this all out from the menu on the left.

Business landlines

Over the last few years there has been a massive revolution where regular phone lines are concerned. These days Phonesavers can often save a business a small fortune over what you may well be paying for those phone lines right now. All those savings matter. Our services in this respect are explained further from the section dealing with landlines from the menu on the left.

Internet services

In 2000 we set up an ISP service right here in the UK because we were fed up of not getting support while on site from ISP's in the UK. They used to take up to eight hours to call us back.

Today within our internet services section we can offer hosting, broadband (ASDL) services, buying and setting up a company domain, website development and SEO services, email facilities, in fact if it's associated with the internet we can help.

And we don't have to wait for some engineer to call us back - we can do it - right here - right now for you.

If you are having issues with any aspect of the services we have spoken about on this website then we can help.

All you need to do is go to the relevant section of the website, check out what we offer and fill the form out at the bottom of the page - it's THAT simple!

But if you have a general enquiry then fill out the form HERE or call 01782 537000 and we promise to call you right back. Our specialists are waiting for your call.

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